Retire knowing you have a plan to guide the way.
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Financial Services

Investment Planning Services

We utilize the endowment model of investing to build wealth and minimize market exposure.

Retirement Income Strategies

We offer access to alternative asset products that generate income in retirement while protecting assets.

Legacy and Estate Planning

We work in concert with attorneys or tax professionals to advise on specific aspects of your financial plan.

Why Choose Netzel?

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What Our Clients Say

My wife and I have been clients of Netzel Financial for over 6 years. We appreciate the attention to the portfolio that Steve has developed for us after numerous consultations at the beginning, that has proven to meet all of our retirement objectives over time.Steve is proactive in his approach to managing finances and keeps his clients informed thru training sessions on a monthly basis and one on one portfolio reviews twice a year. One would be hard pressed to find a financial advisor with his level of customer contact. We are well satisfied.
David N.
Netzel financial client
Steve Netzel and his employees are always ready to help if I need assistance. I have complete trust in Steve to handle my investments and very pleased with the results I'm getting.
Carolyn B.
netzel financial client
“Netzel Financial gives my wife and I a sense of security that we’ve found nowhere else! Their staff is both professional and courteous! We are pleased to be associated with their excellence.”
David B.
netzel financial client
We are so happy with the service we have received from Netzel Financial. The information classes are very helpful and we have told several of our friends and family about Netzel Financial and they are very happy also.
Craig C.
netzel financial client

Planning for retirement doesn't have to be prickly.

We make it painless.

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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
– Benjamin Franklin

social security numbers

Social Security by the Numbers

Social Security has been a pillar of retirement life for several decades, but how much do you really know about it? Here are some facts that might surprise you: The Social Security trust fund exceeds

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long-term planning

The Chapters of Retirement

Looking at the five phases of life after 50, we see that many considerations accompany them. The journey to and through retirement occurs gradually, like successive chapters in a book. Each chapter has its own

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Investment Planning Services

The Investment Risk You May Not Know About

Knowledgeable investors are aware that investing in the capital markets presents any number of risks – interest-rate risk, company risk, and market risk. Risk is an inseparable companion to the potential for long-term growth. Some

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Midlife Money Errors

Mistakes happen, even for people who have some life experience under their belt. That said, your retirement strategy is one area of life where you want to avoid having some fundamental misconceptions. These errors and

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The Netzel News

In this issue: Tax deductions you don’t want to overlook. Fed makes statement on interest rate hikes for 2019. Wall Street awaits a wave of IPO action. More retirees are working after 70. How to

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Six Most Overlooked Tax Deductions

Who among us wants to pay the Internal Revenue Service more taxes than we have to? While few may raise their hands to voluntarily pay more taxes, Americans regularly overpay because they fail to take

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Building a Bond Ladder

Are you looking for your investments to generate income?  One approach involves buying individual bonds with staggered maturity dates and building a bond “ladder” to help manage your exposure to interest rate changes. How does

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IRA Withdrawals That Escape the 10% Penalty

An IRA, or Individual Retirement Account, is a tax-advantaged savings account that is subject to special rules regarding contributions and withdrawals. One of the central rules of IRAs is that withdrawals prior to age 59½

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